The image to me shows black history. It shows black culture. Most importantly, the image displays black excellence!

The image is of a Black Queen sitting flawlessly. To her right is her Black King. The image represents two strong individuals who complement each other very well.

The woman in the photo is sitting as though she has no worries or cares in the world. She sits with full confidence. Her posture is straight and her facial expression is of certainty. Her male companion is looking at her as though she is his gift and she is queen. His posture is of confidence as well.

For me being a young black woman, the image is also a piece of motivation. When I look at the queen in the image, I see the woman I wish to be when I fully enter adult hood. I admire her confidence portrays. The relationship she shares with her king is also admiring. It is every girls dream to have someone look at you the way the King in this image looks at his Queen. It is hopes and dreams of what you wish to have one day in the future. It is everything! The image also shows black history. It imitates the kings and queens from our past!


Health and Fitness tips

This week I am bringing to some quick and easy health and fitness tips to you guys.

Tip 1: Drink plenty of water. Water is what keeps our bodies going. About 60% of our bodies is made up of water. It gives us energy and helps us focus. Everyone should drink at least 8 cups of water a day.water

Tip 2: Make fruit your quick snack. When you have those cravings, instead of reaching for a candy bar, reach for an apple. Or instead of your favorite potato chips, grab a few strawberries. You’ll feel a lot better.

Tip 3: Plank! Plank! Plank! Planking seems so simple yet it is so beneficial to the human body. It targets your abs and core and give you that nice flat tummy we all aim for to be summer time fine. So whenever you have a little extra time, get in a correct planking position and try to hold it for a minuet. Try to hold your plank longer every time you do it.plank.jpg

Tip 4: On the day where you are less active, try to go easy on the junk food. Where as on the days you are more active, it is okay to cheat… a little bit.

Tip 5: Think of the positive side of staying fit and healthy. Yes, it is hard work. Yes, it will hurt. Yes, you will want to give up. No, you will NOT give up. It will also be worth it in the end. Remember, the pain is temporary but the gain is forever!

Fall Beauty Tips

For women of color, trying to find make up for our skin tones can sometimes be challenging. Maybe the makeup comes with an ugly yellow or orange undertone. Or maybe a certain makeup brand just does not offer the shade we need. Sometimes there are little tricks that work out in our favor.

Tip 1: If it is difficult to find a foundation in your color, it is sometimes easier to mix and make your own shade. That step is actually quite easy. Try to find a shade that is too light for you and mix it with a shade that is too dark for you. You can add as much or as little as you need.

Tip 2: Burgundy blushes usually work well with our brown skin. You do not need a lot. Start off with a light coat and you can build your way up. Always start off with a light hand though.

Tip 3: When using a nude lip color, always, always use some sort of brown lip liner. After lining your lips with the brown lip liner, apply the nude lipstick to the rest of the lip. You can then top with a clear or nude lip gloss if you would like.

Tip 4: Another popping fall lip for women of color is burgundy lipsticks. Matte burgundy lippies are especially in for the season.

Some of my favorite fall lippies are MACs Chestnut lip liner pared with MACs Velvet Teddy. It makes for the perfect nude shade. Another one of my fall favs is Dalia which is a burgundy matte and Silk which is a lighter burgundy matte that sets as a satin silk color and the both are by Colour Pop. Not only are these two my favorite fall lippies, but they are only $5 a piece. You can not beat that.

Protecting Your Hair

What does “protecting your hair” means?

Protecting your hair can be anything that an individual does to promote healthy hair and hair growth. Protection can be the way you wash and condition your hair. Or it can be the way you moistorize and style your hair. Some people come up with different routines depending on the seasons to keep their hair protected from the sun or extremely dry cold weather.

Protective Styling

One of my favorite ways to protect my hair is to wear different extensions. I know what you’re thinking, “All black girls wear weave”, right? Truth is, majority of women who wear extensions wear them mainly to protect their own hair. With extensions, your hair is protected by mother nature. Without extensions, rain and humidity is my enemy. With weaves I do not have to worry about the weather completely ruining my hair style. Also extensions help so that I do not have to constantly do my hair with combs and brushes, causing more snags and breakage. The number one thing I love about extensions is that you can be as versatile with your look without damaging your real hair.

So, whether you are a relaxed girl or a natural girl, protecting your hair makes a big difference. Below I left a link of a video of a protective style by youtube blogger, My Natural Sistas.

The Beauty of African American Hair

African American hair has always been known as “different”. Well, Of course it is. It is much thicker and tighter than people of other races. It can be either curly, wavy or straight. The versatility of it allows countless hairstyles. With all of that and more, I would definitely say that African American hair is different.

What makes black hair so unique is the texture. African American hair can be worn relaxed or in its natural state. Relaxed hair is processed with chemicals which temporarily makes the hair straight. Its easier to deal with in this state. The hair can flow freely. Its silkiness allows you to run your fingers through it. And then you have hair in its natural state.

The natural state of the hair is what most definitely makes African Americans hair stand out. Its kinkiness is like no other. Hair types can be curly, wavy, coily, or all three. The natural hair can shrink to half its actual length. It is believed that the hair grows longer and healthier when its natural. Although the hair in its natural state needs extra tlc, the pros out weigh the cons.